The Art of Elizavella Bowers - Gothic, Fantasy Fairytale, Pop Surrealist, Abstracts, Still life and Animal Nature Art

Original FAIRY FANTASY, Gothic dark, ABSTRACT ART, wildlife and pop art GALLERY
OF Elizavella AND Original song and music recordings.

Also We have available to purchase Printable digital download graphics images, wall art and clipart and coloring pages.

Welcome to my website! I am Elizavella a self taught artist, Photographer and Musician. This is my official website! Here you will find my original Art Gallery, My online shops and you can
listen to my music recordings.

I sell online so I can keep a balance between my home life and also be able to contribute financially. Its important to me to take care of my home and my family. Selling online lets me choose my
own hours which makes it so I can not only take care of my family which is my first priority but also help pay some of the bills. I love providing a clean home and home cooked meals for my family especially
for my husband who works so very hard and never ever complains. I admit Im old fashion and I just cant make a career more important then my family so selling my art online helps me to keep that balance
and if my family is happy then so am I :)

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Original Paintings And Drawings Gallery
Me singing my original songs and karaoke

Check out my booth, BowersBestBuy

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